Big Radio Has Big Ideas for Morristown Onstage

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Big Radio Has Big Ideas for Morristown Onstage

Big Radio has big ideas for Morristown ONSTAGE

Big Radio Has Big Ideas for Morristown Onstage

By JAMES LENT Editor Jan 19, 2017

Editor’s note; This is the first on a series of articles on individual acts to be performing in Morristown ONSTAGE on Wednesday, March 1 at the Mayo Performing Arts Center (MPAC).

MORRISTOWN – Karen Rosen, lead singer and co-leader of Big Radio, one of two rock bands that will be performing at Morristown ONSTAGE on Wednesday, March 1 has never been to the big annual fundraiser for the Morris Educational Foundation event, even though she lives in town and has been singing for six years.

“I had heard of it, of course, but I’ve never been,” she said.

The curiosity got the better of her – “I saw it advertised,” she said – and in early December took her band to Morristown High School and tried out, one of 60 to do so.

Her band passed the audition.

Rosen began singing about six years ago. A Morristown resident, she is also an art therapist who uses music as part of her healing technique.

“I believe in the healing power of music,” she said.

She began Big Radio, or rather it precursor, with the one band member who has been there in every subsequent band iteration, Alex Silberman of New York City. We started pulling together and he has always been here,” he said. “We will be playing “Vincent’s Song” (in the show),” she said. “Alex wrote it.”

Rosen is a native of Scotland and is one of only several thousand Jews living there the country can boast.

In 1998 she graduated from the University of Glasgow and decided to go live in Israel where she ended up staying for four and a half years, living in Jaffa. She ended up becoming involved with the Church of Scotland in Israel. Feeling homesick, she gave the church a call. She ended up speaking with a woman who turned out to be from Aberdeen.

She stayed with the church, teaching there her entire time in Israel. She met her husband, Moshe Rosen, there, too.

Moshe, she and their two children left Israel and moved to the United States.

Here in the states, “I spent a lot of time ‘finding’ myself,” she said. Living in New Jersey, Rosen earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology and art therapy. That was about the time she started singing.

Big Radio has gone through several members over the years but always with she and Silberman at the core. The band has played in such diverse venues as the Dublin Pub on Pine Street and Temple B’Nai Or on Overlook on Overlook Road.

On March 1 they will add a new venue, the Mayo Performing Arts Center.

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